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As a Pay-as-you-Test customer you pay only for the number of test runs as required for your research. For larger research projects, we offer volume discounts for up to 50%. Use the online cost calculator to create a cost estimate for your specific study design.

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Conditions and Terms:  A test run is defined as one execution of a test. To qualify for student or non-profit discount, we may ask for a confirmation letter signed by a representative of your academic institution. Student discounts are only available for self-funded student research without any sponsor. Non-profit Research must be driven by academic interest, aim to make results public, must not be executed on behalf of a for-profit sponsor, or provide commercial services.

  • Have access to all 35+ pre-packaged test paradigms and our scripting language to define your own test paradigm.
  • Build your own test battery by combining multiple tests and rating scales into one test battery.
  • Integrate with recruiting services such as Prolific or study management systems like RedCap, and extend surveys such as Qualtrics to include behavioral outcome measures.
  • Give your project team access to our cloud-based self services to setup and manage your study, e.g. designing session schedules, enrolling subjects, launching in-lab or remote sessions, and accessing test results. 


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Cognition Lab comes with state-of-the-art cognitive tests and VAS scales which can be assembled to psychometric test batteries tailored to your clinical study. Our infrastructure supports single lab and multi-center studies using dedicated test stations as well as testing subjects at home or in the field on their own devices.

Annual Plans for Education and Teaching

Exclusively for education & teaching in academic institutions, we offer discounted annual subscription plans to support internal research activities and hands-on exercises for teaching student cognitive concepts and experimental psychology. 

Condition & Terms: A test run is defined a one execution of a test. Test runs expire at the end of the subscription period. The special discount of USD 2 applies only if bundled with annual order. More sessions can be ordered during subscription period for a price of $3. Additional accounts do not include free sessions.

  • One or multiple team accounts that allow team members to setup and conduct cognitive experiments .
  • Engage your students to perform hands-on exercises on their own devices and access their own data
  • Let students collect data from friends & family or even own their own experiment
  • Integrate Cognition Lab as an online task in SONA Systems to recruit students from your student pool
  • Use Cognition Lab as an online learning environment to teach your students how to plan and conduct experiments and program their own stimulus presentation.

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Cognition Lab is perfect solution to leverage the reach and flexibility of the web without compromising quality and provision multiple teams with a flexible and scalable cloud-based solution which does not need any installation or dedicated hardware.

Professional Services

We offer a set of professional services to support you in preparing and conducting cognitive research and assessments. Take advantage of these services to create test batteries tailored to the objectives of your project and outsource the setup of session schedule and enrollment workflow. 


Service Description  
Design of Test Battery
We help to select test paradigms and configure a test battery to your objectives
Test Design
We modify or implement new test paradigms to meet your requirements
We will add specific languages per your request and guidance
Study Setup
We configure the entire study according to your study plan and recruitment policies
Staff Training
We train all staff members how to administer tests
Data Export
We create custom reports with test scores as define in the study protocol