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For non-profit academic research & teaching we provide this attractive subscription plan which gives you full access to all features including use of all predefined task paradigms and scripting support for defining custom experiments.   

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Our academic subscription allows multiple staff members and students to plan and conduct web-based experiments for educational purposes and non-profit academic research.

Use any of the 35+ pre-packaged test paradigms to quickly configure your own web experiment or take advantage of our scripting language to define your own experiment. The subscription includes all our experiment management services like enrolling subjects, designing experiment schedule, sending email invitations, and keeping track of your experiment online.


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Tailored Solutions for Your Research Project or Clinical Study

We offer a large number of state-of-the-art cognitive tests and VAS scales that can be assembled to psychometric test batteries tailored to your clinical study. Our infrastructure supports single lab or multi-center studies as well as testing subjects at home or in the field on PC/Mac or tablets. Optionally, we can host your study on a private cloud instance dedicated and audited exclusively for you.