Pay-As-You-Test Plans

Feature Description Teaching Non-profit For-profit
Type of Research Funding and Purpose of Study Teaching & Student Work Public Academic Research Contract Research, Clinical, Corporate
Multi-User Account Role-based access for multiple users Single User Multiple
Study Owners
Study Owner, Lab Manager/Assistant
Data Steward
Audit Trail Role-based access for multiple users
Self-sign up Option to let participant sign up on published URL
3rd party Web Integration Redirect from e.g. RedCap, Prolific, SONA Systems, Qualtrics
Multiple Experiments Multiple concurrent experiments open for data collections
Remote Testing Sharing URL with participants to run test on own device
Self-service Administration Console Browser-based workspace to design and conduct studies
Pre-packaged Test Paradigms Access to configurable task paradigms
Scripting Engine Create custom scripts with help of ERTS scripting language
Multi-language Test Instructions English and German (other languages per request)