Comparison of Offers

Feature Description  By Session By Workgroup By Study
Sessions A single session for collecting data from a participant Pay as you go 1200
with option to extend
Tests per session # of tests and scripts a test battery is comprised of One Multiple Study-specific
Active Experiments Concurrent experiments open for data collections One Multiple  Study-specific
Multi-User Account Role-based access for multiple users
Self-service Administration Console Browser-based workspace  to design and conduct studies
Pre-packaged Test Paradigms Access to pre-packaged task paradigms
Scripting Engine Create custom scripts with help of ERTS scripting language
Multi-language Test Instructions English and German (other languages per request)
Remote Testing Sharing URL with test participants to run test on own device
Self-sign up Option to let participant sign up on published URL
3rd party Web Recruiting  Integration into Mechanical Turk and SONA Systems
Access to own data Allow test participants to download their own data N/A
Private Hosting Option for hosting study on dedicated web server
Design of Test Battery Option for consulting on design of test battery
Custom test development Option for new of modified test paradigms
Data Quality and Processing Option for clearing and aggregating results into scores