Web-based Cognitive Testing

Standardize on one infrastructure

Our cloud infrastructure has been designed from ground up for web-based deployment of professional cognitive tests and maximum flexibility of setting up test batteries and sessions schedules to support a large variety of research scenarios. You may collect data in your own lab, reach your subjects via email at home, or post links in the web for voluntary participation with the same cloud infrastructure.

Ready-to-use test paradigms

Cognition Lab includes a large number of pre-packaged cognitive test paradigms which can be used to set up educational exercises or professional test batteries for clinical trials. The tests are highly configurable to give you control about the final design or tailor tests to individual study objectives. All tests are browser-based and can run on any device that supports HTML5/Javascript web applications.

Write your own experiment script

In addition to the many pre-enabled test paradigms, Cognition Lab supports the ERTS Scripting Language for writing new task paradigms from scratch by means of an easy-to-use declarative scripting language. With this language you can define your own instructions and stimulus material, have full control about the trial structure, and vary treatment conditions within or across blocks. As the scripting language also provides VAS/Likert scales, it is easy to implement your own questionnaire.

Run your own test applications on our platform

Many academic departments implement their new experimental paradigms on their own using open source toolkits like jspsych.org to have maximum flexibility on the outcome.
Cognition Lab provides a simple interface to register external web applications as extensions to the Cognition Library. Once registered, you can take advantage of Cogniton Lab cloud infrastructure for scheduling sessions and collecting data in the cloud.

End-to-end Study Management

Cognition Lab is not only a collection of web-based test paradigms but an environment for managing participants and session schedules for experiments or larger studies. To setup new experiments, just login to your Cognition Lab web account and design the experiment and invite participants. Results from sessions are fully coded and can be downloaded as raw data or reviewed online in form of case reports or subject-centric trend reports.

Multi-User and Multi-Device

Web-based solutions run in the web browser and do not require any installation of software. Each test session has its own URL. You can execute the session by simply launching this URL in the browser from any device that comes with a modern internet browser. There is no limitation in terms of number of devices running the test or computers being used to setup experiments and access data. It is all web-based!

Benefit from subscription model

Unlike software which is shipped and installed in the traditional way, you benefit from any improvement automatically the next time you login into your account. Our Cognition Library and Web Console are continuously improved to meet the needs of professional researchers.

Technical Requirements

Cognition Lab takes advantage of modern browser technology which is industry standard. Experiments are written in HTML5/JavaScript and can run theoretically on any device with modern web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). While all tests conform to the HTML5 standard, some mobile browsers may not perform at the same level as desktop browsers. Devices without keyboard are limited to touch gestures which may not be sufficient for some tests that requires multiple response keys.


Timing in modern web-browsers is not different from any standard application running on the same operating system. With web-based gaming becoming more popular, modern web browsers provide event loops in the range of 4ms which is sufficiently accurate for most purposes of cognitive testing. Our test application run stand-alone on the client once their are loaded at the beginning of the experiment and do not require any server events to execute the trials. In case the test requires bitmaps or sound samples, the cashing is managed by the browser.

Secure and Auditable

We apply reasonable security practices to protect against unauthorized access, use, modification, destruction or disclosure of your personal information. You can use the platform without disclosing any personal data. We are using a strict role-based user management which you can use to give users only limited access to data and functionality. The platform is generating an audit trail logging significant events to provide full transparency on who has logged in and created, modified, or accessed data.