Patient Profiling and Trend Monitoring

Cognition Lab gives you a powerful web infrastructure for cognitive training and monitoring of patients in the clinic or at home. Use the 30+ read-to-use test paradigms or write your own script to design test batteries that focus on specific cognitive functions or symptom patterns.

Cognitive Profiling

The Cognition Lab test library gives you a flexible and evolving tool set for explorative testing. You can fill the gap between established clinical tools on one side and latest neuro-psychological research on the other side by leveraging the test applications included in the Cognition Lab. Many of these tests focus on one specific cognitive function and use task paradigms that are well documented in literature. By extending your test portfolio beyond standardized test applications you can gain valuable information about the cognitive deficits of your patients and develop your own standards over time.

Remote Testing

Cognition Lab gives you more possibilities to collect performance data from your patient. You can send links to scheduled tests for patients via email or setup a personal test center for patients to log on. Data can be reviewed the moment the patient has completed the test. Compare the test scores from one test over time to understand performance trends and discover outliers.