Clinical Research

BeriSoft Cooperation builds on 20 years of experience of supporting phase-I clinical trials with robust psychometric test batteries. With the new Cognition Lab platform, cognitive testing can now be integrated into a clinical study in a much more flexible way and at lower costs. The Cognition Lab test infrastructure makes it possible to run cognitive tests on cost-effective laptops or touchpads.

With a single infrastructure, you can use the same tests across all clinical phases since Cognition Lab is designed for use in single or multi-center lab studies, planned remote testing, and ad-hoc self-enrollment via Web.

Design of Test Battery

The Cognition Lab Test Library gives you access to a large number of well-established cognitive tasks that can be composed into a test battery tailored to the specific objectives of your study. All tests can be lined up on a session schedule with multiple measurement points to prepare the assessments as specified in the study plan.

Role-based access to a central management console

A study is managed centrally via a web-based administration console which provides and central access-control ensures that only trained lab personal has access. This console is used to enroll participants, launch scheduled tests, and review results. Since this console is web-based, multiple users from multiple locations may work on the same study at the same time. All user actions are logged to create an audit trail for creation, modification, and access to data.

Subject Enrollment

Cognition Lab differentiates between a general subject pool and the participants of a study. You can use this feature to screen candidates with a screening ID and then enroll the subject as a participant to a study with an additional study-specific ID.

Lab Operations

Lab assistants launch sessions by simply selecting the scheduled session for an enrolled participant from the list of upcoming sessions. All results are immediately available after completion of a test. Depending on data visibility and role privileges, online case reports can be used to review performance and quality.

Remote Testing

For reaching participants in the field, you can generate de-personalized login credentials so that participants can login into their personal test center and start their session. You may also send URLs pointing directly to their individual session via email.

Data Management

The web and secure internet protocol standards have been matured to not only fulfill the strict CFR part11 compliance but make it actually easier to manage data in a secure and traceable way. The Cognition Lab cloud platform does not persist data locally on the test station but consolidates all session results in the cloud making it easy to monitor and detect performance outlier. Fully coded raw data can be downloaded by authorized users and imported into statistical software packages.