Classroom Teaching

Cognition Lab is the ideal companion to a psychology class. Choose from a large variety of experimental paradigms to teach students foundations of cognitive and experimental psychology. Pictures are worth more than thousand words – by being exposed to the experimental task itself, students will much better understand the underlying cognitive concepts. You don’t need student disks or licenses, and no need for investing in a large lab since students can launch tests on their own device.

Enrolling Students

Cognition Lab offers many ways to setup student as participants for experiments. You can import the list of students from your class and assign them to an experiment. You may include emails to be able to invite students or only use de-personalized information and hand out the URL pointing their session or give them credentials to login into their personal test center. Cognition Lab also offers to publish an URL for self-registration.

Engage Students

Cognition Lab is a multi-user environment where you can give users different roles and privileges. You can configure Cognition Lab to let students download their own raw data and import into Excel to compute descriptive statistics. A student may also recruit more participants, act as a lab research assistant, or become the owner of an experiment.

Share Results

Since all data are stored centrally per experiment, it easy to present the results back to the students and discuss the effects. While subjects perform their sessions, you can monitor progress and completion of a scheduled experiment online. Once the data are complete, you can view and present descriptive statistics per student or across all subjects. All results are available in CSV raw format to let you run your own statistics on the trial-wise raw data.